Mike Shinoda Confirms His New Music Will Be Released On Streaming Services

Linkin Park icon Mike Shinoda shared a post on his official Twitter page revealing that his new music, ‘Ziggurats,‘ will be released on streaming services after its sale as NFT.

Mike Shinoda has been working on a music project ever since he first announced it during a live stream on Discord back on October 6. The musician revealed that his project involves 1990s hip hop songs as well as his vocals but didn’t reveal any further details at that time.

A couple of weeks later, he shared the first sneak peek into his new project while streaming on Discord once again. Following all the curiosity regarding this mysterious project, Shinoda finally revealed a clip from his new ‘song‘ via a post on his official Twitter page. The musician announced his song’s name, ‘Ziggurats,‘ and set the release date as December 3.

Since Mike Shinoda has been releasing his music through NFTs for a while now, he recently announced that the presale of ‘Ziggurats’ is available. After the announcement, a fan was curious to find out whether they will be able to check out Shinoda’s new project on streaming platforms.

To answer that fan’s question, which had also confused many others, the Linkin Park singer cleared the air about the release as well as the project itself. He started his tweet by saying that ‘Ziggurats’ is a mini mixtape that involves four tracks total.

In addition to being sold as an NFT, it’ll be released on streaming services on the same day. However, the mini mixtape that lasts nearly seven minutes long isn’t going to include everything the NFT format does, except for the rap verses.

A fan asked via a tweet:

“So, I do not have a single clue about NFT’s (and that’s ok lol), but to put it simply, new music is coming to streaming services like normal yeah?”

Shinoda answered:

“‘Ziggurats’ is a 6:45 mini mixtape, in 4 tracks, coming to streaming services this Friday. All rap verses, no hooks.

You can see the tweets below.