Steel Panther Can’t Resist America’s Got Talent’s Enticing Million-Dollar Bait

Steel Panther’s Michael Starr and Stix Zadinia recently sat down with X5 Podcast and talked about the band’s audition on the new season of America’s Got Talent. When their decision to join AGT, despite them being a well-established, popular band was asked, Michael mentioned their thought process, and how it was affected by the competition’s prize:

“When they called us I thought – not that we’re well established, that’s not what I thought – ‘We already have records out, why are they asking us to do it?’ and they’re like ‘Because you’re talented, and we want you to compete.’ And then once they told us we could win a million bucks, we’re like ‘That’s all you had to say… We’ll be right down!'”

In a separate interview with Metal Edge, Zadinia also talked about how they decided to join the auditions, mentioning they were unaware that well-known bands could also participate:

“They actually called us a year-and-a-half ago asking us to be on the show. But our schedule at the time meant we couldn’t make it work. But they called again, and we said, ‘You do know what we do, right?’ And they said, ‘Yes, we do. We still want you on the show.’

And we didn’t know that it was open to professionals, so we said, ‘Okay, yeah, let’s do it. We’ll go compete and see what happens.’ But I have to say, I’m sort of beside myself. The experience was amazing, and I’m so glad we did it.”

In the same interview, Stix also told how their first round went for both Steel Panther, and the jury:

“It was a very strange experience because when we came out, it was very comfortable, and the crowd seemed to have our backs. But yeah, Simon seemed like he didn’t know what we did, but you could tell he was into it. As soon as we started playing, it was very comfortable. It didn’t feel like we were on their stage and felt like we were on a Steel Panther stage.”

In five weeks starting from August 22, a total of 55 different live performances including Steel Panther’s will be on America’s Got Talent. The show’s finale is set to be on September 6.

Below, you can watch the rest of the interview, and Steel Panther’s first AGT auiditon.