Mike Shinoda Shares A Sneak Peek From His New Music And Release Date

Linkin Park lead singer Mike Shinoda recently shared a post on his official Twitter account revealing a sneak peek of his new song named ‘Ziggurats.’ The musician also announced the release date of his new track as December 3.

Mike Shinoda first revealed that he has been working on a ‘90s hip hop song during a live stream on Discord back on October 6. The musician also noted that the track will be including his vocals but didn’t reveal any further details.

On October 24, 2021, the Linkin Park icon teased his new project while streaming on Discord. The singer gave further details this time and answered some of his fans’ questions. Apparently, his project isn’t an album or just a song; it’s something close to a song.

Answering to comment, Shinoda said:

Not an album, not just a song. Hm. Something interactive, like how some artists use NFTs as tickets for something else? It’s simpler than that. Best to set expectations closer to ‘a song’ (even though it’s not just a song).”

Since Shinoda has been focusing on his NFT projects, which drew criticism since his fans expected him to talk about his music career as well, many fans were excited to hear about the rocker’s music project. It’s been a month since he first revealed that a ‘song’ might be released soon, and finally, Shinoda gave the thrilling news.

The Linkin Park singer shared a post on his official Twitter account revealing a clip from his new song, which features his vocals and carries the sound of ’90s hip hop, as he had previously mentioned. In addition, Shinoda announced the release date of his new song ‘Ziggurats’ as December 3.

Since the musician has been releasing his music through NFTs for a while now, this song will not be an exception. Mike Shinoda will be releasing his new song as a crypto media sale along with his new NFT projects since it is the future of the music industry, if you ask the musician.

Mike Shinoda tweeted:

“New Music ‘Ziggurats‘ coming December 3.”

You can see the Twitter post below.