Ted Nugent On Keith Richards: ‘He’s Pickled, Chemically Smoked, And Preserved’

We all know Ted Nugent doesn’t hesitate to reveal his opinions on other musicians, often describing them with his own ‘eccentric’ word choices. While many of his remarks represent his outspokenness, such as his calling Dolly Parton ‘a satan artist,‘ it seems Nugent has an exception for Keith Richards this time.

The Rolling Stones’ are now working on a new album after Charlie Watt’s passing, with the Beatles’ Paul McCartney making a guest appearance on a song. Back in January, Keith Richards also hinted at the possibility of a Stones tour. In a recent episode of his Spirit Campfire show, Ted Nugent expressed thoughts on Richards’ hitting the road.

Here is what Ted Nugent said about Keith Richards:

“Here’s my buddy, Keith Richards; he’s getting ready to go on tour. I know everything I say makes perfect sense, except when it comes to Keith Richards. I love this guy, but he’s getting ready to go on tour again, and I told my buddies, ‘I think he’s pickled.‘ You know, when you take a haunch of ham from a wild pig, you smoke it, and it preserves it forever. I think Keith Richards is pickled, chemically smoked, and preserved. I love the guy.”

Despite Grace Slick, who argues older rock stars like Richards’ bandmate Mick Jagger should retire, Ted Nugent seems to approve of Keith Richards’ eagerness to continue making music despite his age.