Mike Shinoda Addresses Musicians’ Common Obstacle To Create Good Music

Linkin Park singer Mike Shinoda recently shared a post to reflect his thoughts about musicians’ social media usage and others’ demands on his official Twitter account. The famous musician also revealed the common problem young artists have while creating music.

People’s way of showing and even living their lives changed drastically in a world ruled by many different social media platforms. Even though a few people decided to stay away from them for various concerns, millions of people have been using their social media accounts to share their opinions, criticize, and work on new content to promote their current projects.

Therefore, these platforms became vitally crucial for the entertainment industry and the artists, especially the younger ones trying to find themselves a place there. They mainly post their upcoming works, unveil some details, and announce the releases along with exciting news. However, according to Shinoda, this situation created pressure on the musicians who chose not to invest enough energy in their accounts.

In addition, as a person that gained popularity and fame before the social media’s reign, Shinoda stated that he was worried about young generation musicians who had to focus on the posts and spend time thinking about them instead of writing and composing songs. The singer highlighted that the necessity of being an active social media user turned into an obstacle to finding the muse and creating the best music for them.

Shinoda’s tweets read:

“I’m tired of hearing musicians be told they’re not investing enough energy in social media content.”

Here’s what he wrote in the following tweets:

“Every artist I talk to right now has this feeling. They say they’re spending too much time making little videos to support their careers but wish they could spend more time making and playing music.

How is a young artist expected to put in enough time to get great at their craft when they need to feed all these content channels? The time they spent generating mind-numbing ‘content’ might have been at the expense of the best song they never wrote.”

You can check out the tweets below.