Mike Portnoy Explains What He Thinks About Tool And Clarifies Why He Has Only One Of Their Vinyl Records


Dream Theater former drummer Mike Portnoy opened up about what he thinks of Tool in addition to revealing the only vinyl he has from that band which is ‘Lateralus’ during the new episode of his ‘MP Vinyl’ series on his official Youtube channel.

As many of you know, Mike Portnoy has been releasing videos on his official Youtube channel named ‘MP Vinyl’ since June 4, 2020. In the videos, Portnoy gives explicit details about his enormous vinyl collection in addition to revealing his opinions about the musicians and the bands.

The series consists of 8 episodes and Mike Portnoy recently released the 7th episode on his official Youtube channel after three months of a break since the 6th episode. Portnoy opens up about Slayer, Devin Townsend, and Tool in the recent episode.

Apparently, Mike Portnoy thinks it is quite normal for Tool to create an album in such a long time since all of their albums are incredibly deep and high quality according to Portnoy. In addition to praising Tool, Portnoy also revealed that he only possesses one Tool vinyl that is the third studio album ‘Lateralus,’ however, he stated that he should get every other vinyl as well in order to step up his game.

Here is what Portnoy said:

“An experimental album, and strangely enough, my only Tool vinyl. This is the ‘Lateralus’ album but honestly, I really should have all of those, mainly beginning with the ‘Aenima’ album. I think that was around ’96. Everything they put out – the ‘Aenima’ album, then this, then ‘10,000 Days,’ and then even their latest one, those four albums took about 25 years to get out but every one of them is such quality, such depth and…

I mean, the rhythms, and the odd time signatures, and the patterns, and it’s so intricately interwoven – it’s no wonder they take so long to put out albums because the quality on each one is just so deep. So yeah, I can’t say enough great things about Tool. I love them, Danny Carey is an amazing drummer, one of my favorite guys out there today. In any case, all of those albums are all equally incredible, so I need to get up my game and get those other ones on vinyl as well.”

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