Mike Campbell Explains What Keith Richards Means To Him As A Guitarist


Mike Campbell recently talked about his influencers as a guitarist and mentioned the Rolling Stones icon, Keith Richards. Mike reflected on how Keith played and expressed his love for the iconic guitarist’s style.

Mike Campbell has been a guitarist and a songwriter since 1971, but he began to gain prominence after joining Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, where he helped Petty in songwriting and gave the band the recognition. Campbell was also involved in brief stunts where he was a session musician and played in Don Henley‘s ‘The Boys of Summer.’ He later joined Fleetwood Mac with another guitarist, Neil Finn, to replace the departed Lindsey Buckingham on their 2018–2019 world tour.

In a recent interview, the topic of discussion became the guitarist’s musical influences. Mike has a lot of guitarists he looks up to and is inspired by, including the Beatles’ George Harrison, Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page, and Neil Young. Campbell specifically elaborated on his admiration for the Stones’ guitarist Keith Richards.

He stated that he had met and played with Keith before, but it’s a high chance the guitarist doesn’t remember him. Mike added that he loves the 60s rock bands, but Keith Richards seems to have an exceptional place in his heart with his attitude and how he plays the guitar, which Campbell respects a lot.

Here is what Campbell said about Richards:

“I have met Keith; I played with him once. He probably doesn’t remember, at a rehearsal. I love Keith Richards; I love George Harrison. I love a lot of those bands, great guitar bands from the 60s, but Keith in particular, it just, I don’t know, there’s an affinity with his attitude, the way he plays, and the sources he draws from. I really respect that quite a bit.”

You can watch Mike Campbell’s recent interview below.