Angus Young’s Confession About Bon Scott’s Decision To Leave AC/DC

Author Jesse Fink made headlines in 2017 with his book, ‘Bon: The Last Highway,’ after claiming that Bon Scott wanted to leave AC/DC in the final year of his life. The claim, however, didn’t belong to Fink but surfaced when the writer was interviewing one of Scott’s friends, Roy Allen.

Allen, who lived in Texas in 1979, alleged that Bon had called him one day and expressed how he wanted to leave his band behind and settle down for a much calmer life, away from rock. As Fink wrote, Scott’s alleged words to his friend were:

“Roy, I want to come to Texas. I’m coming into a good bit of money soon. I’ve had it: the living on the road, the shows, the drinking. I’m ready to leave the band I’ve got to get out. I’ve got to get out. It’s all killin’ me and I know it. I want to know if I came to Texas, I could stay with you. We could try [to] quit drinking together.”

So, when Guitar World asked about this claim to Angus Young, the guitarist had a confession to make about whether his late bandmate really wanted to leave AC/DC. He said:

“Naw [Bon didn’t want to leave]. He was looking forward to making the next record which was to become ‘Back in Black,’ and he came down to the studio several times and played drums while Mal and I worked out the guitar bits. The week he died, we had just worked out the music, and he was going to come in and start writing lyrics. So no, I wouldn’t say that he was disgruntled. He was itching to go.”

Still, although Young debunked the rumors that Scott was fed up living the ‘dream,’ one might never know whether there was any truth to Allen’s words about Bon’s desperate phone call to leave and settle down in rural Texas. Scott, tragically, lost his life in 1980, shortly after his ‘alleged’ attempt to break free.