Mick Mars Shares A New Photo That Shows The Crew Of His Upcoming Solo Album

Mötley Crüe’s iconic guitarist Mick Mars posted a picture on Instagram revealing the musicians he has been working with for his new solo album, however, the fans had to guess the names from the black and white photo which was taken from a distance.

As you may remember, earlier in 2019, Mick Mars confirmed that he has been working on his solo album for a while and he even mentioned a collaboration with the producer Michael Wagener. In the same year, Mars joined an interview and gave details about his project by revealing it was going to be a bit harder than Mötley Crüe songs.

Here’s what Mick Mars previously stated about the sound of his solo album:

“My playing has a blues element to it, of course, but it isn’t like what you would call a blues record. It’s more of a heavier rock thing, but I don’t want to even try to out-heavy the heavies. It’s just something that’s hopefully just a little different than what’s going on now.

You’re not gonna hear a Mötley song or a Mötley-flavored song, except for the guitar. They’re gonna be a bit harder than that, but not as hard as the heavies like Ministry and some of those guys.”

However, later in 2019, Mötley Crüe announced that they were planning to reunite for a final tour, ‘The Stadium Tour,’ which they had to postpone due to the coronavirus pandemic. After the announcement about the upcoming Mötley Crüe tour, most of his fans considered that Mick Mars would postpone his solo work. However, in his response to a fan’s question about the delay of his album on Twitter, Mick stated that no one would ever stand in the way of releasing his solo album and pointed out the date April 2020.

Here is what Mars stated about the possible postponement of his new album:

No one will ever stand in the way of my solo record. Ever. Watch for it in April 2020.”

Although the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic intervened most of the plans and projects of musicians within 2020, Mick Mars’ recent Instagram post proved that he has been still working on his highly-anticipated solo album. As you will see in the picture, Mick is sitting on the couch in his house chatting with his crew for the album. In the caption of his post, Mars didn’t share the names of the mysterious musicians to whom he referred as ‘strange visitors from another planet.’

In the comment section of his post, fans tried to guess the names of the musicians that Mick has been working with for his solo album. One of them is Lynam singer Jacob Bunton who was previously revealed as the vocalist of Mars’ album. Earlier in 2020, Bunton commented on the sound of the album and stated that it is going to be ‘louder than anything you’ve ever heard in your life.’

Considering the rest of the crew, fans suggested that one of them was Korn drummer Ray Luzier and the other one was the keyboardist and guitarist Paul Taylor from Winger, who also worked with various iconic musicians, including Sammy Hagar and Alice Cooper.

Here is what Mick Mars wrote in the caption of his post:

Strange visitors from another planet 🌎??”

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