Mick Mars Responds To Fans’ Strong Message About ‘The Other Side Of Mars’

Mick Mars sat down with 95.5 KLOS to talk about his solo album ‘The Other Side Of Mars.’ During their chat, he mentioned the success of his solo work and said it sends out a ‘powerful message.’ Mars explained:

“It’s like when you get half a million spins on things to listen to, that tells me something. There’s lots of people on the internet and on Instagram and stuff going like, ‘Wow I can’t wait, it’s about time,’ and that kind of thing. So yeah, I mean, I’m just by me. I’m myself, so it’s pretty. It sends a powerful message to me to go like [fans] digging my stuff.”

Mars Is Already Working On Another Album

Mick Mars dropped his first solo album, ‘The Other Side of Mars’ on February 23 after working on it for years. But it seems fans won’t have to wait too long for more tunes from the ex-Motley Crue guitarist.

Back in December last year, the guitarist mentioned to UCR that he had ‘a ton of ideas’ for his next album. A few months later in another chat, he revealed more details about the album:

“I know that I have the right formula and the right people.”

He added that the process will be shorter than his debut album. However, he’s taking it easy with ‘The Other Side of Mars.’ He guesses the follow-up album will not hit the streaming platforms until at least 2025.

You can watch the recent interview down below.