Brian Welch Admits Korn Ripped Off A Lot Of Tool Songs


Korn lead guitarist Brian Welch was interviewed by Kerrang, during which he admitted that they decided not to use some of their songs because they resembled another band’s sound too much. Also, the guitarist named the band that Korn copied its sounds, riffs, and lyrics many times while working on their songs.

The nu-metal icons have been considered one of the most influential and famous acts in the music industry. The band has released thirteen studio albums and is planning to release its upcoming album in 2022. Therefore, Korn focused on writing, composing, and producing their works all the time despite their line-up changes.

Aside from their successful career, the band members are also known for their sincerity. They never forget to give credit to their musical inspirations such as Faith No More, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sepultura, Prong, and Biohazard, which inspired them to start their professional musical careers. In his recent interview, Welch revealed another influential name that contributed to their success; Tool. As it turns out, Korn ripped off many Tool songs.

During his recent interview, Brian Welch highlighted that Korn produced so many records throughout their career, and that’s why sometimes even they forgot their riffs. Although he initially didn’t realize that these riffs were used by themselves or the other bands like Tool and Deftones due to long working hours, Welch stated that he always worked harder to create new things to influence younger generation bands.

Welch stated in his interview that:

​”In our career, we’ve probably thrown away five or six songs because they sound too much like Deftones. Another band we ripped off a lot was Tool.

I’m thankful for it. We have so many records and songs that sometimes we can’t remember which riffs we’ve already done. Sometimes I’d get bummed out because I was really into something we’re doing, but then we’d work harder to make it something new.”

As you may recall, Korn had previously been targeted by some Tool fans and music critics on social media and newspaper articles when they noticed that some of the band’s tracks sounded like Tool’s. However, it didn’t last long since they genuinely admitted what they did without hiding.