Mick Jagger Thinks The Rolling Stones’ ‘Exile On Main St.’ Is A Bit Sloppy, According To Royal Trux Singer

Royal Trux singer Jennifer Herrema recently joined the Guardian to reveal her thoughts on the Stones’ album ‘Exile On Main St.’ According to Herrema, Mick Jagger thinks the album is a bit sloppy.

On May 12, 1972, the Rolling Stones released their tenth British and twelfth American studio album ‘Exile On Main St.’ Recordings for the album began in 1969 in England and continued in mid-1971 at a rented villa in the South of France, where the band lived abroad as tax exiles.

When the Stones completed the recordings, the resulting sound had elements of rock and roll, blues, swing, gospel, and country, while the lyrics had themes of hedonism and time. Following its release, ‘Exile On Main St.’ became a number one album in six countries, while the album’s 2010 re-release reached number one in the UK and number two in the US.

Although ‘Exile On Main St.’ received mixed reviews initially, it achieved critical success throughout the 1970s. Many critics believe that this album is the Stones’ best musical effort, while various sources list it among the most significant albums.

In an interview with the Guardian, Jennifer Herrema of Royal Trux, one of the bands that covered ‘Exile On Main St.,’ revealed her thoughts on the album. Herrema stated that this album is the child in the attic among the other Stones albums. She then said Jagger thinks it’s a bit sloppy and could have sounded better.

Speaking to the Guardian, Royal Trux’s Jennifer Herrema said the following:

“Exile is the child in the attic of Stones albums. I know Mick thinks it’s a bit sloppy and could have sounded better, but I think: ‘Dude, the sound is the genius!’ That’s what makes it so real. I love side two, the honky-tonk/country side. It’s happy, but there’s a lot of melancholy to it.

‘Torn and Frayed’ is such a beautiful song, seemingly about Keith Richards. ‘Doctor prescribes drug store supplies. / Who’s gonna help him to kick it?’ He is a torn and frayed dude.”

Praising the record, Jennifer Herrema stated ‘Exile On Main St.’ has a genius sound. However, Jagger wasn’t that pleased with the album, although it eventually brought the Stones a remarkable success.

You can listen to the album below.