Wolf Van Halen Responds To A Suggestion For ‘Processing His Dad’s Death’

Wolf Van Halen had clapped back to a fan recently about being compared to his father Eddie. In reply to those tweets, he received advice from a user to disable social media and grieve, however, this only made Wolf more upset.

Wolf Van Halen has been getting absurd amounts of criticism regarding his career and his attitude about his father’s death recently. Although he wants to respectfully move on from Van Halen and continue a career with his solo band Mammoth WVH, some Van Halen fans tend to judge him for doing so. On the other hand, some fans criticized him for not performing Van Halen songs in his concerts as a tribute to his father Eddie and his band.

While some blame him for not caring enough, others blame him for living in his shadow, and the majority doesn’t seem to agree on one idea. However, in the end, all of these opinions are reflected on Wolf on social media and the musician stands firm and defends himself each time.

Most recently, a fan had compared him to Eddie so, he lengthly stated his opinions on that matter and disagreed with the comment. According to Wolf, his father was one of the best on guitar, but he ‘smoked him’ on drums. Hence, it was useless to compare two people with different talents even though they are father and son.

This argument continued, and Wolf stated his anger towards social media once again. He also received a reply from a fan giving him the advice to pull himself out of the toxicity of social media and ‘grieve’ his father’s death properly. This comment triggered Wolf because a complete stranger was telling him how to live his loss.

Here is what the fan tweeted:

“I only ever see you being social if it’s in toxic situations like this. Unplug for a bit and fully process your dad’s death. You seem a bit unhinged.”

Wolf answered by stating his anger towards the user who freshly opened the Twitter account, indicating that he is hiding his real identity on purpose. He sarcastically wrote that he is ‘unhinged’ about his father’s death. In the next tweet, he stated how ridiculous it is for someone to suggest that grief will take a while and then he will be okay as he will ‘process’ Eddie’s death his entire life.

Here are his replies:

“Well, then you’re checking in at the wrong time Mr. Fresh Account. Care to comment on your real one next time? You should also consider that my ‘clap backs’ at the dickheads tend to get more attention than other tweets, so there’s that. But yeah, I’m unhinged. Also, fuck you?

‘Go process your Dad’s death,’ I’m gonna be processing it my whole life, you galactic moron. Like that’s some sort of easy thing to just go do and be done with. Get the fuck outta here lol.”

Wolf had stated previously that he needs to get away from social media because he gets tired of hearing the criticism that doesn’t make sense. However, he is continuing to show his presence actively and reply to people. It seems like this created a cycle of people commenting on purpose for publicity from Wolf.

You can see the tweets below.