Michael Starr Names The VH Song Sammy Hagar Sounds Like David Lee Roth

Although lineup changes are common in the rock scene, recruiting a lead vocalist significantly impacts a band’s sound. Thus, this change usually divides the band’s fanbase into two groups since some prefer one vocalist more than the other. Steel Panther’s Michael Starr is apparently a huge Van Halen fan, and the vocalist recently united the two VH eras by naming the song Sammy Hagar sings that sounds like David Lee Roth while speaking to the Metal Edge.

For Starr, the song ‘Source of Infection,’ is one of his favorite Van Halen creations. The musician said, “This is a Sammy classic. Killer solo and killer screams by Hagar.” The singer complimented the band’s bassist by saying, “Michael Anthony’s harmonies and bass line is off the charts.”

Although the singer complimented Sammy Hagar, he stated that in ‘Source of Infection’ the Red Rocker sounds like David Lee Roth, which made him love the song. He noted, “Added bonus: Sammy sounds like DLR.” Considering the relationship between the two Van Halen singers, it doesn’t seem likely that the vocalists will be happy with this comment.

There isn’t any official bad blood between the two singers, but fans often have a favorite between Van Hagar and DLR’s ‘original’ Van Halen. Even though there is no bad blood between the two singers, Hagar refused to sing DLR-era songs in his tributes to the band, which shows that he doesn’t necessarily want to be associated with DLR’s creations.