Michael Monroe Shares How He Earned Guns N’ Roses’ Respect

Hanoi Rocks lead vocalist Michael Monroe opened up about his longtime musical career and his perspective on it during his appearance on Metalheads Forever. The musician stated that several bands, including Guns N’ Roses, valued this way of thinking.

Along with successful projects such as Demolition 23 and Jerusalem Slim and his prolific solo career, Monroe performed as a guest musician collaborating with several artists and bands, including London Cowboys, Backyard Babies, and Tarja Turunen, many more. In addition to them, the singer teamed up with Guns N’ Roses for the band’s two iconic records, which Monroe and GN’R members’ harmony received positive reviews.

Monroe served as co-lead vocalist on ‘Ain’t It Fun’ from the third studio album ‘Use Your Illusion I’ and played harmonica and saxophone on ‘Bad Obsession,’ released on ‘The Spaghetti Incident?.’ Their fans appreciated his performance as a singer and instrumentalist who shared their kind comments about them. In his interview, Monroe talked about working with the iconic rock band and how he earned their respect.

The famous singer highlighted that throughout his musical journey, he always prioritized creating and performing, not gaining more money and fame, even though it was sometimes a challenging process. Money wasn’t his number priority while starting a project by himself or with other musicians. Thus, the bands like Foo Fighters and Guns N’ Roses showed respect to him during and after their studio sessions.

About gaining the respect of such bands, Monroe said:

“It hasn’t been an easy road, but it’s always been worth it because no money will make you happy. You can easily get lost if you do it for the wrong reasons. The most important thing was to stay true to myself, do it on my terms, and never sell out. There’s a lot of respect.

It has a lot to do with why I have a lot of respect amongst my peers, famous bands like Foo Fighters and Guns N’ Roses. People like that appreciate that I haven’t compromised my career ever in my life. It hasn’t been easy, but it’s rewarding. I don’t regret one moment. I’m totally happy with the way I’m right now more than ever.”

You can check out the songs and interview below.