Keith Richards Reflects On His ‘Weird’ Prison Experience


Keith Richards talked about his time in prison during a podcast with Matt Wilkinson for The Rolling Stones: 60th Anniversary Special on Apple Music 1. He described how the experience made him feel and compared it to some similar incidents.

As a renowned drug addict, Keith Richards got involved in various drug-related incidents during the late 1960s and 1970s when the Rolling Stones was at the height of their popularity. His drug addiction was so severe that the guitarist was charged five times during those years. The first and probably most famous of these charges which attracted significant media attention was the band’s Redlands bust in February 1967.

The Rolling Stones members Mick Jagger and Keith Richards were arrested on drug charges at Richards’ West Sussex mansion. The band and several others had been partying and experimenting with LSD when the Sussex police came in to pick them up. Jagger faced three months in prison and Richards a whole year as they were found guilty of possessing and allowing drug use in the mansion. However, both were released after spending a day behind bars when they received enormous support from the music industry and fans.

While Mick Jagger was taken to Brixton Prison, Richards spent the night in Wormwood Scrubs Prison in West London. In the podcast, Richards described his brief time in the prison as a ‘weird’ experience. The guitarist said it could only be understood if you lived through it. The musician also added that he has stayed in other prisons and is familiar with the situation. According to Keith Richards, the best part is getting out, which makes it apparent that he expectedly didn’t enjoy his time in prison.

Keith Richards speaking on his night in Wormwood Scrubs Prison:

It was a weird experience. You had to be there. I mean, I’ve been in a few other clinks over the time, and basically, they’re all great once you get out.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, the guitarist also revealed that he hopes the Rolling Stones will be recording some new material through the end of this year. Yet, he doesn’t know when or in what format it will be released.