Michael Jackson’s Son Prince Says He’s The ‘Leader’ Of MJ’s Family

King of Pop, Michael Jackson’s eldest son Prince Jackson recently attended an interview with Good Morning Britain and talked about his late father on TV.

Michael Jackson’s death in 2009 came as a shock to the world as he had a heart attack after overdosing on the medication his physician Conrad Murray gave him to help him sleep. Two months later, Jackson’s death was ruled as a homicide, and Murray went to prison for four years, accused of involuntary manslaughter.

It is safe to say that the homicide, the press, and the fans made it difficult for his family to have a quiet grieving time. Tickets were sold for fans to attend his memorial, and it was live-streamed worldwide, which got an audience of 2.5 to 3 billion people. Even 12 years after his passing, the media is still concerned with his life and asks about it whenever they have the chance.

In Prince Jackson’s recent interview, he disclosed what his father would always tell him. According to Prince, Jackson always wanted him to look out for his siblings because he was the oldest. However, in his opinion, they were all on the same level, and there wasn’t a hierarchy.

Here is what Prince stated about what his father told him:

“When we were growing up, my father would say, ‘We could have nothing but if you look around in this room, your brother, your sister and me, that’s all you ever have,’ and that always stuck with my siblings and me. We have such a close relationship, and because I am the oldest, my father would always tell me I have to make sure that the group is taken care of. I have to be the leader and lead by example.

But after his passing and us being thrown into the ‘real world,’ my siblings honestly, they picked up the slack that I, unfortunately, left behind. At this point in our life, it doesn’t really feel like there’s that hierarchy of ‘I’m the older brother.’ It’s more; we’re all siblings, and we’re kind of all on that same level where my sister has her own strengths, and my brother has his strengths, and where I’m not as strong in certain areas, they compliment me in that way.”

You can watch the whole interview below.