Michael Anthony Shares His One Concern About David Lee Roth’s Reunion Plans

Former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony recently joined The Eddie Trunk Podcast for an interview and stated that he is unsure whether David Lee Roth’s reunion plans can work.

In a previous interview with The Palm Beach Post, ex-Metallica bassist Jason Newsted revealed that he traveled to California to jam with Alex Van Halen and Joe Satriani. Thus, he sparked the rumors about a potential Van Halen tribute tour. Yet, Newsted also admitted it would be impossible to do justice to the band’s legacy, so he didn’t accept the offer.

Later, during a conversation with the Rock of Nations with Dave Kinchen podcast, Joe Satriani confirmed Jason Newsted’s claims. The guitarist revealed that he had been talking with Alex Van Halen and David Lee Roth about it, yet he was shocked Newsted leaked it because it was a secret project. David Lee Roth also reacted in his own way by saying that they would need two people for each position within the band due to the ongoing pandemic. The singer offered Pink as a replacement for himself.

In a recent interview, Michael Anthony said he was kind of confused when he heard Diamond Dave’s reunion plans regarding including two people for each position. Yet, the bassist later thought Dave was just being Dave and didn’t know he was serious about that. Anthony considers all the plans related to a possible Van Halen tour depend on Alex Van Halen. However, the bassist is unsure whether Alex feels ready for this kind of thing because he still mourns his brother, Eddie Van Halen’s death. He still doesn’t know but keeps the door for a potential tour.

Here is what Michael Anthony said about David Lee Roth’s reunion plans:

“I was also thinking along those lines also. But then, maybe one thing changed my mind and made me think Dave is just being Dave, and he is just saying that it would take at least two people to be able to duplicate what one person in this band did. The reason I thought of that he also brought up the name Pink. If you remember, he was saying Pink would be one of the David Lee Roth characters or singers, and that sounded to me a little too Dave to me.

But I don’t know. At this point, I’ve got to tell you I don’t know if anything will ever happen because Alex is hurting. He and Ed were so close on all levels, musical levels, personally. It just seems to me like it might be really hard for Alex to even enter into something to bring back all those memories. I don’t know. I could be wrong. I am the guy that always says, ‘Never say never.'”

You can listen to the entire conversation below.