Michael Anthony Says Alex Van Halen Is Still In Pain

Former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony recently recalled talking to his former bandmates about a possible Van Halen reunion. The bassist said that the entire decision depends on Alex Van Halen’s blessing because he is still in pain due to his brother’s passing.

Van Halen’s disbandment was probably one of the most disappointing moments in rock and roll history. They parted ways in 2020 after the death of their beloved guitar player Eddie Van Halen. After he passed away, the band shut down the possibility of ever reuniting.

The members continued to live their careers, and while David Lee Roth retired, Sammy Hagar continued to perform more as a tribute to Van Halen by singing some of their songs apart from his bands, Chickenfoot and The Circle. Eddie’s son Wolfgang Van Halen founded his solo band, Mammoth WVH, named after Van Halen’s original title.

The fans want a reunion regardless, but considering the band members’ tenures, they seem not to have any plays to gather soon. Michael Anthony recently stated that he is up for a reunion and had spoken with Dave and Alex a year ago about it. Dave was very excited, but Alex is still and will always be in pain due to his brother’s death.

The bassist stated that a possible reunion would only happen if Alex Van Halen approves of everything and is comfortable with it. It was excellent for the fans to hear that Anthony is looking forward to a reunion and are patiently waiting for Alex to feel confident about the situation.

Here is what Michael Anthony stated:

“I have spoken with Alex on occasion. For the most part, we don’t even speak that much about music; it’s more about family and how we’re doing. I know it still pains him a lot as far as Eddie goes, and it will probably be for the rest of his life.

I spoke with him and Dave last year about a possible something. We just had a conference call about having a conference call to discuss it. The other call didn’t happen for whatever reason. I told them that I’d be interested. It would be more of a celebration of music rather than putting together something and calling him Van Halen because that wouldn’t be right at this point.”

He continued:

“What sparked all this was because I heard about Jason Newsted and that’s the first I have heard about anything like that. It was interesting because he said he spoke to them about a year ago, and that was about the time I spoke to them.

I think it all hinges upon Alex. He has to be the person that wants to do and give his blessing to the whole thing to move forward. When we speak, we don’t speak about doing anything like that at this point. He’s still healing, and if it gets to this point, I’m sure Alex will be the first one that’ll wanna do something like that.”

You can see the tweet below.