Michael Anthony Clarifies If There Is Bad Blood Between Him And Wolfgang Van Halen

In an interview with KSHE 95, former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony talked about the current status of his relationship with Wolfgang Van Halen after the devastating death of his father and the guitar legend Eddie Van Halen.

As you may know, the Van Halen family has been mourning the death of Eddie Van Halen who passed away on October 6, 2020, at the age of 65, after a long battle with cancer. His son and the youngest bassist of Van Halen, Wolfgang announced the death of his father with a statement on social media.

Since the passing of Eddie, former and current members of Van Halen have been sharing their opinions on the legendary guitarist in the interviews they joined. Recently, Michael Anthony joined a conversation with KSHE 95 and answered the most wondered questions about his relationship with Wolfgang Van Halen since there have been various rumors regarding bad blood between the two musicians.

During the interview, Anthony stated that he hasn’t had the chance to talk to Wolfgang since the passing of his father, however, they have talked a couple of times before, and apparently, everything is good between them. Micheal added that he spoke to Alex Van Halen shortly after Eddie’s death but he wanted to give them the privacy that they needed to grieve on their own. He also mentioned the possibility of talking to them again or even getting together when the right time comes in the future.

Here is what Michael Anthony stated about his relationship with Wolfgang Van Halen:

“No, I haven’t actually spoken to Wolfgang yet. I obviously didn’t want to talk to them, I spoke briefly to Alex just after Eddie passed, I wanted them to have their privacy. I have talked to Wolfie a couple of times, and everything’s all good, obviously.

We spoke briefly after Eddie’s passing, but Alex has been pretty much grieving or however, you want to put it, pretty much been to himself. So I’m just kind of letting that happen and I’m sure at one point we’ll talk again or even get together.”

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