The Beatles Song John Lennon Described As Meaningless

Though it was their creation, some musicians dislike even their all-time biggest tracks that made them international stars. It is a complicated issue since there can be several reasons these artists publicly derogate the most iconic works they created. It could be either about the massive amount of attention the track gets or the artists’ weariness to playing it live every night. It may feel like an obligation rather than a joy after some point.

It could also be about the memories and feelings related to those songs. The artists write them under the influence of the emotions they experience at the time. So they can have difficulty relating to them after a certain period. A song that sounded good at that moment may feel the opposite in the future. This situation can happen to the best since The Beatles icon John Lennon once wrote a song with Paul McCartney and later found it meaningless.

Which Beatles Song Did John Lennon Describe As A Pointless Effort?

The Beatles left their mark on the music world with their timeless songs, but they were also interested in other fields of art besides making music. The legendary group’s members starred in five films starting with 1964’s ‘A Hard Day’s Night‘ and ending with 1970’s ‘Let It Be.’ The band also appeared in some promotional films for their singles. Most of their movies received highly positive reviews and attracted great attention.

In 1968, the Beatles cameoed in the animated film ‘Yellow Submarine.’ The movie featured cartoon versions of the band members voiced by other actors. The band also released a soundtrack album of the same name, including some unreleased studio recordings. They wrote some of the tracks and recorded them specifically for the soundtrack, where there were also others remaining unreleased from other projects.

One of the songs appearing in the soundtrack album was ‘Hey Bulldog,’ credited to Paul McCartney and John Lennon’s partnership, although written primarily by Lennon. The band recorded the song while they initially entered the studio to film the promotional video for the single, ‘Lady Madonna.’ They later changed their mind and decided to record a new song for the ‘Yellow Submarine’ soundtrack.

During the Beatles’ session, Paul McCartney ended up woofing and howling; thus, they changed the name of the song from ‘Hey Bullfrog’ to ‘Hey Bulldog.’ However, John Lennon later described the track as meaningless. He accepted that the piece had a good-sounding melody, yet it seemed pointless to him. The song still earned praise for McCartney’s inventive bass playing but was a flop for Lennon.

You can listen to the song below.