Mia Tyler Shares The Rarely Known Connection Between David Bowie And Her Mother Cyrinda Foxe


Aerosmith lead vocalist Steven Tyler’s daughter and social media influencer, Mia Tyler, shared a rare video on her official Instagram account today to reveal a little-known memory created by her mother Cyrinda Foxe and David Bowie.

The late actress Cyrinda Foxe was born in 1952 and met with Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler at the age of 26. Mia’s late mother had a relationship with Tyler for almost ten years while she was still married to New York Dolls musician David Johansen.

Right after Mia Tyler was born, Steven and Cyrinda parted ways and you might remember from our earlier published articles that Mia had shared a couple of posts about her mother to express her complicated feelings. Mia once stated that it’s trippy to hear her mother’s voice after so long and admitted that she heard Cyrinda’s voice twice since she passed away in 2002.

Today, Mia shared a new post about her mother and revealed the little-known fact that Cyrinda was featured in the video vixen of David Bowie’s ‘The Jean Genie’ which was the lead single of his 1973 album ‘Alaaddin Sane.’

Here is what Tyler wrote in the caption:

“Did you know my mama Cyrinda Foxe was David Bowie’s Jean Genie video vixen? Directed by Mick Rock.”

Just an hour before her, the director of the video Mick Rock also shared the video on his official Instagram account and one of the musicians who commented under it was Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx.

Sixx commented saying:


You can watch the video Mia shared on her Instagram page below.