Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson Is Facing The Negative Impacts Of Brexit On The Musicians After Voting For It

During an interview by Sky News, Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson has complained about the after-effects of Brexit for the musicians which makes it hard for them to make concerts in Europe, however, he admitted he had also voted for it.

The Brexit agreement has resulted in musicians having to have work permits to earn money from the concerts in Europe as well as a ‘carnet’ which allows them to transport their belongings like their musical instruments abroad. Moreover, they are required to have individual visas and work permits for each country, and the U.K. touring vehicles are not allowed to make more than three stops before returning to the homeland. These restrictions cost approximately £5,000 per country.

Speaking to Sky News, Bruce Dickinson stated that although they are one of the U.K.’s major imports, they cannot do anything except sitting still. He then said that he was one of the people who supported and voted for Brexit, but now he is disturbed by the work permits, not being able to play in Europe, and Europeans not being able to play in the UK. Bruce called out to the authorities saying that they need to get their act together. He also mentioned that they can play in America easier than in Europe in the current situation.

Bruce Dickinson said in the interview that:

“Don’t get me started on the government’s attitude to the entertainment industry. We are probably one of the U.K.’s major exports. I mean… come on. And yet we’re sitting here. We can’t do anything.”

He then added:

“It’s very well known that I voted for Brexit. But, you know, the idea is that after you’ve done it, you then go in and be sensible about the relationship you have with people. So, at the moment, all this guff about not being able to play in Europe, and the Europeans not being able to play over here and work permits and all the rest of the rubbish — come on! You know, get your act together

Put a decent bloke in who can do something about the relationship with Europe. We can play America easier than we can play Europe at the moment… ‘Cause we have a sold-out tour, by the way — hundreds of thousands of people in Europe. So it’s just, like, hang on. Export central — what happened to all that stuff? So, let’s get it on, government.”

It is known that Bruce Dickinson voted to leave the EU, and stated back in 2018 that he was quite relaxed about the Brexit idea as he thought it would make Britain more flexible and that it actually opens the borders, making the UK to be opened to the whole world. After his recent complaints, though, people have noticed his change of position and said this is what he voted for.