Melvins’ Buzz Osborne Responds To Claims About Firing Kurt Cobain

Melvins’ frontman Buzz Osborne recently sat down with Revolver for a chat and set the record straight on baseless rumors of Kurt Cobain’s dismissal.

While working on their fifth studio album ‘Houdini,’ Melvins enlisted Cobain as the album’s producer. Still, the Nirvana singer could not contribute effectively due to his substance addiction issues. When asked if there was any moment he felt he just couldn’t be a part of that process anymore, Osborne replied:

“Yeah, that’s exactly what happened. He [Cobain] didn’t show up for one of the sessions, and it was just really obvious. So it wasn’t a judgment call as far as that’s concerned. It was just more of like, this isn’t going to work. So you go and do your thing.”

He continued, recalling Cobain’s departure from the album making:

“And then it’s been said, like, especially when Danny Goldberg said that Kurt wanted it because I went into Danny Goldberg’s office at Atlantic and told him this, and he conveniently doesn’t remember any of that, which is crazy. He actually said stuff like Kurt quit because we wanted him to write songs for us. So it’s just f*cking insane. I don’t need anybody to write songs for me.”

The rocker then also shared what offended him during this process:

“And the producer to me, what you do is you’d come in, we would show him the songs that we have, and maybe we would go through them. ‘What do you think of this? What do you think of that?’ but as far as him writing something for me, I never needed anyone to write anything for me. Never, and so that whole idea is absurd, and it’s quite disgusting, and I take a lot of offense to that.”

Osborne reflected on firing Cobain in several interviews before, too. During a chat with Eonmusic last year, he explained that they had to part ways with Kurt because he had drug-related issues, which was a sad time for them. Buzz added that the way things ended with Cobain was filled with negative feelings.

You can watch the entire conversation below.