Elton John Shares The Sexually Explicit Gift Ed Sheeran Gave Him On His Birthday

Sir Elton John revealed the unusual present he got from Ed Sheeran during a recent appearance on  Hit 109.9’s Carrie and Tommy Show.

This year on March 25, Elton celebrated his 74th birthday. Even though there were lots of celebrations with good messages and wishes on social media, people didn’t really know the gifts the Rocketman received. During the conversation, Elton unveiled that Ed Sheeran actually bought him a giant marble penis as a present and pointed out that it is big and beautiful.

Even though Elton suggested they put the giant penis in the middle of the garden, his husband refused because of their children, who are only ten and eight years old. As Elton said, the gift is now hidden somewhere in the house where nobody can see it. Aside from making everybody laugh, this extraordinary gift also signaled the close friendship between Ed and Elton.

Elton John talked about Ed Sheeran’s gift during the interview:

“For my birthday this year, he gave me a giant marble penis. I don’t know if that’s because I’ve always been a p***k or what. It’s really big, it’s beautifully made.

I suggested to David I should put it in the garden. He said ‘No we have children.’ It’s hidden in an area in the house where they wouldn’t see it!”

KISS guitarist Paul Stanley also showed his respect for Elton John on his birthday, and said that he raises his glass for Elton’s stellar accomplishments both as a musician and humanitarian.