Maynard James Keenan On How The Passing Of His Muse Inspired A Puscifer Track

It’s pretty common for artists to have muses. Some also usually attribute most of their work to the special person in their life or, in Maynard James Keenan’s case, to his dog MiHo for having been on this musical journey until her passing in 2021. The singer shared on Instagram that in memory of his beloved muse, he released a reimagined version of Puscifer’s track ‘A Singularity.’

Losing a pet is never easy, especially for Keenan, as MiHo had played a crucial part in the singer’s life. So, as a tribute to his late pet, he released a new video. The caption read, “‘A Singularity (Re-Imagined by Carina Round),’ shot and edited by Maynard James Keenan, was released this morning. The clip echoes the song’s sentiment, with the heart-wrenching track offered as a memorial to Keenan’s beloved and well-known dog, MiHo.”

In the caption, Keenan also shared a few words about his muse. He said, “On October 7, 2021, I lost my muse. Deadly little MiHo lost her 2-year battle with pancreatitis and kidney disease. We thought we had lost her in late 2019, so I panicked and wrote her this song. We were certain she was done for. But we were blessed with a second chance and a bit more time.”

The singer added, “I rarely share things like this. Too painful. But this one can’t be kept bottled up. As I have mentioned before, she has been hiding in most of my vocal tracks since 2005. She was either in or near the vocal booth every time I tracked. Her sigh, her bark, sniffle, sneeze. Her jingling collar. Her squeaky toys. Usually poorly timed.”

Although it was probably emotionally challenging for Keenan to share the black and white video showing MiHo and him spending time together at home, he wanted to remember his friend and muse a year later her passing by releasing a reimagined version of ‘A Singularity.’