Gene Simmons Explains The Biggest Problem About Ace Frehley And Peter Criss

During a conversation with USA Today on their upcoming documentary ‘Biography: KISStory,’ KISS’ Gene Simmons has talked about the time when Peter Criss and Ace Frehley’s interest in drugs, alcohol, and too much partying started to be a problem for the band.

It is known that the band KISS had been working on a new project: a documentary called  ‘Biography: KISStory’ telling the story of the band while celebrating the band’s final End Of The Road Tour. Moreover, the documentary, which will air in two parts on June 27 and June 28 on A&E, is known to show an in-depth perspective of the band’s career.

During the Q&A on USA Today, KISS’ bassist Gene Simmons has commented upon the documentary and talked about his choice to be clean from drugs and alcohol although he has been surrounded by that stuff. He was then asked when the band decided Peter and Ace’s partying was a problem for the KISS. Gene responded that the drugs and alcohol started to show their effects within two years, and started to affect the band.

Simmons claimed the reason they kept going and ignored the issue was not to upset the fans. He then mentioned the time when Ace didn’t show up for the recording of ‘Destroyer,’ and when Peter’s anger towards the producer Bob Ezrin’s attempt to show him how to play drums escalated and turned into a shouting match. Gene also stated that chemicals and alcohol change people, and being in a band requires professionality and responsibility.

In the conversation, the interviewer asked Gene Simmons that:

“At what point did you know that Peter and Ace’s partying was a problem for the band?”

Gene Simmons then responded:

“The drugs and alcohol started to take effect within two years. It started to affect the band, and the only reason we kept the boat afloat and tried to pretend there’s no trouble in paradise is that we didn’t want to upset the fans. When we were recording ‘Destroyer,’ Ace didn’t show up. It was time for him to play solos and I literally called him and said, ‘Hey you got to be down here,’ and he told me, ‘I can’t, I got a card game.’ And Peter was furious that Bob Ezrin, our producer at the time, was telling him how to drum. There were shouting matches and we had to leave the studio.

He continued:

“The Jekyll and Hyde of chemicals and alcohol really change people. You’re possessed. And being in a band is much harder than marriage. You’re with each other 24 hours a day, and you gotta be professional. Not everybody has the DNA to run a marathon. Some people can just run short sprints and that’s it.”

Additionally, considering the reason why Peter and Ace did not take part in the documentary, KISS members mentioned that they have experienced several disagreements and problems with Peter Criss and Ace Frehley throughout their careers.