Paul Stanley Reflects On Ace Frehley And Peter Criss’ Not Taking Part In The New KISS Documentary

In an exclusive interview by Ultimate Classic Rock, Paul Stanley has talked about their upcoming KISS documentary titled ‘Biography: KISStory,’ and explained the reason why Peter Criss and Ace Frehley were not seen in the documentary.

As you may know, the famous rock band KISS had been working on a new project: a documentary to tell the story of the band, and to commemorate the band’s last tour as well as their 50 years of existence in the music industry. Showing their ups and downs throughout their career, the documentary celebrates their success and unveils their challenges.

Titled ‘Biography: KISStory,’ the documentary is known to air on June 27 and 28 on A&E in two parts. However, as seen throughout the documentary, the original members Ace and Peter are not seen on camera, and their parts where they should be speaking come from archived interviews.

During the exclusive interview made by Ultimate Classic Rock, Paul Stanley has also revealed the reason why Peter Criss and Ace Frehley don’t really appear in the documentary. Paul said that they both wanted to be paid and have the rights for final editing to take part in the project. Stanley and Simmons also laid stress on the fact that Criss didn’t want to give them permission to use the song ‘Beth’ in the documentary.

Stanley expressed his feelings by saying this is sad, but they did the best they could. He stated that they tried several times to include them in the project, but considering their demands, Stanley added that he thought their involvement does not warrant that. He then said he considers them as the losing party in this situation. After that, Paul ended his words on this subject saying that he does not want to trash them as them and the band KISS would not be here today if they hadn’t been a part of the band.

Stanley said in the interview that:

“It’s sad, but that kind of fits into the whole dynamic. We did the best we could. We tried numerous times in all different ways to have them be part of it, but this idea of final editing and money and this and that. … It was like, ‘No, your involvement doesn’t warrant that.’ And who ultimately loses out in a situation like this? They do.

He then continued:

“I don’t really want to trash those guys because we wouldn’t be here today if they hadn’t been in the band, and we wouldn’t be here today if they still were.”

Despite that controversial aspect, the much-anticipated documentary ‘Biography: KISStory’ will air on June 27 and June 28 as a two-night event.