Matthias Jabs Opens Up About Scorpions’ Longevity And Success

Scorpions guitarist Matthias Jabs recently joined France 3’s Pays de la Loire for an interview and shed light on the band’s long-lasting career and success.

Formed in 1965, Scorpions continues to excite the fans with new music material and energetic stage shows. Throughout their career, they experimented with various styles, including hard rock, heavy metal, soft rock, and glam metal, and released many hit songs. Despite their ages, the Scorpions are still eager to rock the stages.

During their extensive tenure, Scorpions have released thirteen consecutive studio albums, the latest of which is the ‘Rock Believer’ album. Released in February 2022, this album declares that rock is not dead, and Scorpions is the proof, according to the band members. Recently, they took the stage at Hellfest 2022 and proved to fans that they still have the energy to rock and roll.

After the show at Hellfest on June 23, Matthias Jabs spoke to France 3’s Pays de la Loire. The rocker recalled that he joined Scorpions 44 years ago, and they had no idea about their current success back then. According to Jabs, it’s amazing they still have the spirit to work on new albums, tour the world, and entertain fans that are younger than their songs.

Jabs then said their current success is comparable to their success in the ’80s as they still sell out every venue and gain many new fans. So, it appears Jabs believes the Scorpions still have time and energy to create new music, tour all around the globe, and please the fans’ ears as they always did throughout the years.

During the conversation, Matthias Jabs said the following:

“When I joined the band, it was 44 years ago. The band was already going in the ’70s. We were all too young to think about the age we have today. So, when you’re young, you think there’s no end to things, but you have no idea what to imagine. Meanwhile, when you look back, it is astonishing that we have been together for such a long time, still successful with a brand new album, and touring the world as we’ve always done.

Sometimes I think the success we have right now is comparable to the one in the ’80s. You know, every place is full, sold out, the fans are very enthusiastic, and we gain a lot of new ones. Young people are enjoying the Scorpions, music which is great. We are 80, and they are 18 or 28. They’re younger than most of our songs.”

You can watch the rest of the interview below.