Martin Barre Mourns Losing Ian Anderson And Jethro Tull

During a recent appearance on Vintage Rock Pod, former Jethro Tull guitarist Martin Barre shared his sadness about the breakup with Ian Anderson and Jethro Tull.

When asked whether his split was amicable at the time, the rocker replied:

“It was a very strange event, and I guess somebody will write about it eventually. It was something that I needed to get over and move on from. Either it was going to destroy me, and I wouldn’t let it because I’m, whatever qualities I have, I’m really obstinate, stubborn, single-minded, determined, whatever I am or whatever I’m not as a musician, and I let other people say that.”

Further explaining the background of his departure, he went on:

“I will never give up. I will never go by the wayside. I just want to play music. I love my guitars. I love playing. I love the music of Tull, so it’s a shame. I just didn’t give all the Jimmy Page and Robert Plant and Jeff Beck-Rod Stewart.”

Barre then reflected on losing his connection with Anderson and said:

“It’s just the connections, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards… I’m not saying that we’re of that in that league, but me and Ian had a connection musically, much more than music, and it’s gone forever. And that’s sad. That’s really sad.”

As their musical connection is gone, the guitarist’s possibility of working with Ian seems low. When asked about collaborating in the future and his dialogue with Anderson in a 2015 conversation with Vintage Rock, the guitarist said:

“No, there’s no communication. I think the longer it goes on, as it is because I’ve got a great band, and I’m sure he’s happy whatever he’s doing. But we’re getting further apart. The more commitments I have for myself and my own music, the more I’m gonna do it, and the less likely that we would work together. It’s pretty unlikely.”

Barre currently has a show called ‘A Brief History of Tull,’ celebrating Jethro Tull’s 50-year musical journey with his touring band. The show includes visuals and classic Tull hits from albums like ‘Thick As A Brick,’ ‘Aqualung,’ and more.

You can watch the rest of the interview below.