Ed Sheeran Admits He Was Inspired By Eminem While Creating A Balance Between Work And His Family

While having a chat with SiriusXM, Ed Sheeran revealed that Eminem has been a great source of inspiration while learning to balance his life between his work and his family.

It is known that Ed Sheeran recently released his new single titled ‘Bad Habits,’ and an accompanying music video in which he appears as a vampire on June 25, 2021. Receiving quite good reviews from both critics and fans, the music video was viewed by more than 60 million people.

Having such a successful musical career and being under the spotlight, Sheeran appears to feel the need to balance the time between his work and family. In an interview on SiriusXM, Ed Sheeran said Eminem was the one who inspired his approach to his work and family balance.

He said that he took a break when his daughter was born, and his wife Cherry is now working remotely from home which makes it easier for the family to spend time together. Sheeran stated that he got the idea of structuring the time he spent with his family and the time he spent working from Eminem. He then added that when he was working with Eminem, he was able to observe his structure.

Ed Sheeran said in the interview that:

“I wanted to just find a way to make it fair. … I just need to know where I am and at what time, so that’s why I kind of was structuring it. I actually got the idea from Eminem, while working with Eminem. He works nine to five, goes in, does a studio, goes home… It’s just good to have structure.”

Below is the video where Ed Sheeran talks about this issue.