Mark Hoppus Shares Details About His Cancer Treatment


On one of his Twitch streams, Blink-182 singer Mark Hoppus has commented on his current health status regarding his cancer treatment, stating chemotherapy is making him sick.

As you may recall, Blink-182’s frontman Mark Hoppus has shared a story on his Instagram not long ago and announced he has cancer. He revealed that he has been fighting against cancer for the last three months, stating he has months of treatment ahead of him. After the sad news revealed, his friends and several musicians showed their support for Hoppus including his bandmate Travis Barker and Tom DeLonge.

Giving the fans an update on his recovery process, Hoppus has recently shared the details of his treatment during one of his streams on Twitch. The musician said he is much better than yesterday as he woke up feeling better and didn’t feel like throwing up. After being asked by a fan about how his chemotherapy was going, Hoppus said he hopes it is going okay as it makes him sick.

Mark then added he feels much better than before, but he dislikes being nauseous after the treatment. Hoppus compared the rounds of chemo he took and said this round was better because he walked around and watched movies after that.

Saying he used to feel like ‘a poisoned electrified zombie leaned up against an electric fence’ in the past rounds, Hoppus considered this one a better round. Hoppus also mentioned that he wants to go hang out with his friends or go to a restaurant, but added he cannot do it right now. Stating his white blood cell count is too low for him to go out, Hoppus said he is stuck and waiting to feel better, appearing hopeful for the future.

During his live stream on Twitch, Hoppus said:

“I feel much better than yesterday. Yesterday was hellish for me. And I woke up today feeling better, and I went for a walk, and I had a decent breakfast, and I haven’t felt like I was going to throw up today. So we’ll take it as a win.”

Answering a fan’s question, he commented upon his chemotherapy process saying:

“Is the chemo going OK? It’s going good, I hope. I mean, it’s making me sick. I will say though, that this round of chemo I feel better than I have before. The only thing is that this round I’ve been more nauseous, which I don’t like. On good days, I go do stuff. I went on a walk outside today and it was the first time I’d left my house in like… five days pretty much. But this round of chemo I wasn’t totally stuck on the couch, miserable. I’ve actually watched movies and walked around and cleaned the house and hung out with my dogs. I didn’t just feel like a poisoned electrified zombie leaned up against an electric fence like I did the past couple of rounds… I can’t go anywhere right now. I wanted to go to the Dodgers last night. I can’t. I want to go hang out with friends and go to a restaurant. I can’t. My white blood cell count is way too low for me to go out, so I am stuck trying to get better. That’s alright, I’ll take it.

With his hopeful and positive approach, Hoppus seems to have the strength to overcome his battle against cancer.