Brian May Defends Slash’s ‘Too Risqué’ Social Media Posts

Queen icon Brian May recently shared a post on his official Instagram account and said that Slash‘s social media posts are actually ‘healthy,’ although they seem slightly rude to some.

Guns N’ Roses lead guitarist Slash spends quite some time on his Instagram and posts frequently. Besides music-related things, he also has numerous horror and nudity-themed posts. However, he rarely posts any of his own photos; thus, some people criticize the musician for sharing this ‘bizarre’ content and openly express their concerns about that.

Yet, of course, many enjoy Slash’s unusual posts, including Queen guitarist Brian May. The GNR musician recently shared a video of an artist who had made a little miniature of Freddie Mercury. Upon seeing that, May reposted the video, wrote that he was grateful to the guitarist for sharing this post, and encouraged other people to look at Slash’s Instagram posts.

May said he understands that some people find his posts ‘too risqué,’ but he thinks of Slash as a ‘decent’ and ‘responsible’ man. Queen guitarist believes that Slash’s posts are actually healthy since they push the limits of what is normal, but he also said he understands those who don’t like them. The musician lastly showed respect to the sculptor Juliana LePine and advised his fans to visit her account, too.

Brian May’s Instagram post read:

“What genius! I’m indebted to my dear friend Slash for this post … and if you don’t already follow his IG, well, I recommend taking a stroll over there! And to those of you who find Slash’s posts too risqué, it’s easy, just stroll back to where you started.

I personally view Mr. Slash as a very decent and responsible human being – and I enjoy him challenging our perceptions – of the boundaries of what is ‘normal’ or ‘safe.’ I think it’s healthy. But it’s your choice! And thanks, folks, for educating me – the incredible sculptor is Juliana LePine – massive respects to you, Juliana! Awesome! Visit her too! Cheers – Bri.”

Under the guitarist’s post, the artist Juliana LePine thanked him for sharing her work of art. Still, some of his fans criticized Brian May for defending Slash by describing his IG account as a ‘wild place.’ They said people shouldn’t take a scroll over his account if they don’t want to traumatize themselves.