Marilyn Manson Is Cleared Of Evan Rachel Wood’s Recent Accusations

As the legal battle between Evan Rachel Wood and Marilyn Manson continues, Wood’s ex-husband Jamie Bell joined the debate with his recent remarks. As reported by Fox News, Bell made a plea that cleared Manson of Wood’s claims over the safety of their family.

Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell have been fighting over the custody of their son, Jack, but it was reported that Evan handed primary custody to Jamie after being threatened by Marilyn Manson. In a recent statement he issued, Bell argued that Evan has been ‘feeding false information‘ to their son.

Jamie’s statement is as follows:

“Evan’s initial contention as to why she failed to return Jack to California was because she says she is involved in a high-profile investigation regarding supposed abuse by Brian (Manson). I have nothing to do with this investigation, but Evan contends that she is now fearful for her and Jack’s safety.

During our recent stipulated visitation that Evan allowed at my in-law’s house in Florida, Jack voiced his concern for his safety and reminded us repeatedly of the man who hurt his mom and displayed emotional outbursts related to the case his mother is involved in. When I mentioned fun things to do in the future, Jack told me he could only do them if Brian is in jail.”

He continued, claiming any abuse claims don’t involve him or Jack:

“I am absolutely appalled and terrified that Evan is feeding this information to our 7-year-old. Evan previously made similar allegations of abuse against Marilyn Manson, which has been well documented in the press. Their relationship and alleged abuse took place many years ago. I fully support Evan and any victim of abuse. But any such abuse here is not new and does not involve me or our son.

Jamie then expressed his concerns, saying:

“I know Evan loves our son, but I am very concerned by how she is handling the current situation. Whatever fears Evan may have regarding third parties should have nothing to do with me or the custody of our son. I do not even want to think of the short and long-term psychological harm Evan might be inflicting upon Jack with this kind of talk.”

Following the news, a source close to Manson told Fox News that Marilyn Manson had had no contact with Evan Rachel Wood, and there’s no evidence proving he threatened Wood’s family.

“Brian Warner has not had any contact nor communications of any kind with Evan Rachel Wood in nearly a decade. At no time has Brian Warner ever threatened Ms. Wood or her family. Wood has not provided a shred of evidence of Warner making any threats against her or her family.”

Back in February, Ashley Morgan Smithline accused Evan Rachel Wood of manipulating her into thinking that she was a rape victim. She said:

“I succumbed to pressure from Evan Rachel Wood and her associates to make accusations of rape and assault against Manson that were not true. While at first, I knew Mr. Warner did not do these things to me, I eventually began to question whether he actually did.”

However, on May 10, a Los Angeles judge ruled that Wood didn’t manipulate other women to falsely testify against Marilyn Manson.