Machine Gun Kelly Responds To The Rock Community Calling Him A ‘Tourist’

Artists often branch out to other genres and explore new musical styles. In Machine Gun Kelly’s case, the singer took a drastic turn from rap to rock and explored the infinite lengths of the genre. However, a certain percentage of the rock community isn’t pleased with MGK’s claims to be a rocker. However, Kelly sounded confident in his ability to rock when he recently addressed this criticism while speaking to Guitar magazine.

MGK recently received a Grammy nomination in the category of ‘Best Rock Album’ for his record, ‘Mainstream Sellout,’ alongside names such as the Idles and Ozzy Osbourne. However, his nomination sparked a controversy, as many called the singer a tourist who wasn’t a native of rock. However, MGK recently seemed sure about his decision to keep rocking and stated he had no intention of backing out.

“There have been some people in the rock community who called me a tourist,” told MGK. “But they’re wrong; I’m a rocket man. We weren’t born on the moon, but we looked at it, and we were curious, and then we went there, supposedly. And these two rock albums were me going to the moon. But I’m not done exploring the universe yet, and I am all genres.”

Machine Gun Kelly accepted that he wasn’t born into the rock ‘moon’ but stressed he was enthusiastic about discovering and exploring the genre. He reassured anyone who doubted his label as a ‘rocker’ that he was ready to explore new dimensions. However, the only singer who branched out to rock isn’t Machine Gun Kelly. Somewhat recently, Tool’s Maynard James Keenan disclosed his opinion on Miley Cyrus branching out from pop to rock and if she was a real rocker.