Machine Gun Kelly Pays Respect To Prince

Machine Gun Kelly recently posted on Instagram stories while he was getting ready to go on stage. In the stories, he showed some guitar picks with ‘dick picks’ written on them and made a joke about it.

As you may know, MGK was recently criticized for switching genres very often. He had an outburst on TikTok and responded to the people who made negative comments by saying, ‘shut the fuck up.’ The current genre he has been working on is punk rock, and he released the song ‘Tickets to My Downfall’ in September 2020. 

After the initiation of the vaccination process, the singer was also able to perform again, and he shared how he was getting ready for the stage with his Instagram followers. In the first video, MGK paid tribute to Prince by standing next to his portrait, saying that they’re starting off the tour in the late rockstar’s city, Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

In the video with Prince, MGK said:

“First day of the tour and we’re in your city, big bro.”

Following the short tribute to Prince, Machine Gun Kelly went on to announce his new product, which he debuted in his first show. In the second video he posted to Instagram, he showed off the new hot pink guitar picks created especially for this tour, which read ‘dick pick.’ 

In the second video with the guitar picks, MGK wrote:

“I’ll throw dick pics during the show.”

Since it was a video on his story, his fans’ reactions were not visible. However, because many women are bothered by the unexpected private photos coming from strangers in their direct messages on Instagram, we may assume that some of his fans will not like this joke about having ‘dick picks’ thrown on them.

The singer is also known for posing for explicit photoshoots, as he did in 2020 for Spin Magazine. In that photoshoot, he put his penis inside a sock and was smiling at the cameras. It seems like MGK has no problem talking about his private body parts and showing them off to the public.

You can watch his story about the ‘dick picks’ below.