Dee Snider Recalls John Denver’s ‘Unexpected’ Support During His Censorship Battle

Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider posted a tweet about how the late singer and songwriter John Denver helped to change the course of their censorship battle against the Parents Music Resource Center back in 1985 by giving a powerful testimony in a way that the Senators wasn’t expecting from him at all.

Dee Snider has been using his social media accounts to share his personal opinions on various social and political subjects. Although some of his fans suggested him to mainly focus on his music and stay away from politics, Snider has never hesitated to express his opinions about the wrongdoings of the politicians.

As you might recall, in 1985, the rock musicians Dee Snider, John Denver, and Frank Zappa testified against censorship and the proposed warning system suggested by the Parents Music Resource Center. The organization wanted to enact a rating system for music, which they identified as porn rock.’

In his recent tweet, Dee Snider recalled John Denver’s contribution to their case by giving an iconic testimony in which he resembled the record censorship to Nazi book burnings. According to Snider, Denver’s testimony made the Senators panicked since they were expecting him to be on the same side with them. Twisted Sister icon paid tribute to the late musician by appreciating his efforts to give the most powerful & damaging testimony of that day and in a way, changed the course of their battle against censorship.

Here is what Dee Snider wrote in his tweet about John Denver:

“I always give John Denver props. His was the most powerful & damaging testimony of the day because while they expected Zappa & I to be against censorship they thought Denver would side with them. When John said likened record censorship to Nazi book burnings Senators panicked!”

You can see the tweet Dee Snider posted on his Twitter account below.