What Mick Jagger Thinks About ‘Kings Of Leon Vs. Oasis’ Debate

Oasis was a very successful British rock band formed in 1991 that achieved commercial success in 2009 by becoming one of the best-selling bands of all time by selling 70 million records worldwide. In 2009, they split with huge drama concerning brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher who had a problematic relationship for years. Liam released two solo studio albums after the breakup, and his upcoming album ‘C’mon You Know’ is due on May 2022.

During a 2008 interview, Liam talked about Kings of Leon when the band had just released their new album ‘Only by the Night.’ Although he stated that he loved the band, he slammed the new record by stating that he liked the band’s old works more. He stated that Kings of Leon was not cool anymore.

Here is how he bashed Kings of Leon in 2008:

“I like Kings Of Leon, but I don’t know about this fucking new record. I like the old stuff. I like Caleb Followill’s voice. When they first come out, I was going, ‘Who the fuck is this?’ They were cool, and now they’ve all got their sleeves cut off.”

Did Kings Of Leon Members Respond To Liam Gallagher?

In 2009, the year Oasis broke up, Nathan Followill commented on their break up. Kings of Leon, being a band formed of brothers and a cousin, the drummer stated that he understands how it might be difficult sometimes, but they would never break up as Oasis did. He claimed that their relationship is much stronger and deeper. It is not very apparent if Nathan said this because Liam had said that their 2008 album ‘sucked.’

Here is what Nathan stated in 2009:

I’m not sure what happened with those guys. All brothers fight, they just forgot to do the making-up bit. But then again, they seemed to be having the same family row for like, 10 or 15 years, so maybe it was time. But we have a special strength because we had an upbringing where we didn’t have outsiders in the social circle for the longest time. That makes a big difference. We bug the hell out of each other day-to-day, but the relationship is so deep it can be like we share a brain between us. We might kill each other, but I don’t think we’d split.”

What Does Mick Jagger Think About The Debate Between Oasis And Kings Of Leon?

While Oasis and Kings of Leon bashed each other on unrelated topics, The Rolling Stones’ iconic frontman Mick Jagger commented upon the two bands objectively in 2010. Jagger talked about their attitudes on stage and stated how important it is for a band to connect with the audience. According to Jagger, this was perfectly accomplished by Kings of Leon but not by Oasis.

Here is what Mick stated about Kings of Leon:

“The Kings Of Leon at the beginning, they didn’t really do that successfully, but everyone has to do it in the end because otherwise, it becomes kind of embarrassing, being in a room when you’re not really connecting. But now they play arenas, and they’re really good, and they’re much more forthcoming. They still have their shy moments, but they seem to have cut down.”

Here is how Jagger slammed Oasis:

“Well that’s what they do, they don’t move – that doesn’t mean to say they don’t connect – they do connect sometimes, sometimes they’re not always good ways. What was that famous story when they were in New York, and they didn’t think the New York audience was loud enough, and they said something like ‘You’re rubbish’ or something, ‘New York, you’re a load of crap’ or something like that – which is not what you do anywhere really, especially in New York.”

According to fans, Jagger seems to have taken sides but eventually, he only stated how one band was able to adapt to the stage and the audience better than the other. He also addressed how Oasis called the crowd ‘rubbish’ in New York. According to him, this was a big mistake to make for a musician, and they should have been more careful.