Lzzy Hale Clarifies If Halestorm Will Release The First Single Of The New Album Soon

Halestorm’s frontwoman Lzzy Hale responded to a fan’s question during one of her popular Q&A sessions on Twitter and confirmed that she would like to release a single from the upcoming Halestorm album.

Halestorm was formed by the teen siblings Arejay and Lzzy Hale in late 1997. Their father joined them soon to play bass with the band. Later in the 2000s, the band composed today’s lineup which consisted of vocalist and guitarist Lzzy Hale, her brother drummer Arejay Hale, guitarist Joe Hottinger, and bassist Josh Smith.

Back in 2018, Halestorm released their fourth studio album titled ‘Vicious‘ which received critical acclaim and reached number 8 on the Billboard 200. Earlier in 2020, the band released an EP, ‘Reimagined,’ which involved six songs. The album also included several reworked songs of the band, one of which was a collaboration with Evanescence singer Amy Lee.

For the last couple of months, Lzzy Hale has been hinting at a new album from Halestorm as she reveals the details during her regular Q&A sessions on Twitter. In a recent Q&A, one of Hale’s fans asked whether there was a possibility of the releasing the first single from the upcoming album any time soon.

In her response to the fan, Lzzy stated that considering the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it was not possible for her to promise anything at the moment. Yet, the talented singer also mentioned that she hoped they can release something from the new album ‘sooner rather than later.’

Here is what Halestorm fan asked about the new album:

“Is the first single of the new album dropping soon? Perhaps March onwards?

To which Lzzy Hale responded:

“I can’t promise anything because of the way the world is right now. But I hope we can release something sooner rather than later.”

You can see the tweet Lzzy Hale posted on her Twitter account below.