Lita Ford Recalls The ‘Magical’ Writing Process With Ozzy Osbourne


In a recent interview with Guitar Player, Lita Ford described her feelings about writing a song with Ozzy Osbourne as an ethereal experience.

The Runaways’ lead guitarist achieved moderate success with her first two solo albums, ‘Out for Blood’ and ‘Dancin’ on the Edge.’ Ford signed a contract with Sharon Osbourne Management for her third album. During one of the recording sessions, the Osbournes paid a surprise visit to the studio.

The duet between Lita Ford and Ozzy Osbourne’s ‘Close My Eyes Forever‘ was written during that surprise visit. The song was featured on Ford’s 1988 album ‘Lita.’ The song is considered a power ballad in the industry as it is Ford’s and Osbourne’s highest charting single. The song peaked at number 8 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1989 and number 25 on the US Billboard Album Rock Tracks charts.

When Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne came to the studio, Lita Ford said she hung out and played pool with them. After Sharon got bored and left, Lita and Ozzy moved to a much quieter place with a bottle of wine. There Ford took the guitar and started playing it, and they started spitting out lyrics, and before they knew it, a new song was written. The songwriting process was so fast and easy that Lita Ford described it as a magical experience.

Lita Ford’s words about working with Ozzy Osbourne:

“We were hanging out. Ozzy and I started shooting a game of pool, which turned into many games. Eventually, Sharon got bored and left me with Ozzy. We opened a bottle of wine and were having a grand old time.”

She went on to say:

“It wasn’t anything I had already written; the whole thing was spontaneous. Then Ozzy began singing these lines: ‘If I close my eyes forever, will it all remain the same?’ I was like, ‘That’s great!’ I sang words back to him, and we had most of the song written before we knew it. It was like magic.”

You can listen and watch ‘Close My Eyes Forever’ below.