Liam Gallagher Was Planing On A Break From Music But Someone Helped Him Change His Mind

Liam Gallagher recently sat down with Guitarist magazine for an interview and revealed that his plans for a year-long break from music were interrupted by an unexpected collaboration with former Stone Roses guitarist John Squire.

Gallagher shared that following his successful solo shows at Knebworth in 2022; he intended to take a hiatus from music. However, a call from Squire, proposing a collaboration on new music, prompted Liam to change his mind, as he disclosed:

“I mean, obviously, without the Roses, I wouldn’t be here. They got me on my musical path and that, so I thank them 24/7, you know what I mean? I was gonna have a year off after Knebworth, but when John rang up saying, ‘Look, I’ve got these tunes.’ I thought, I’m in, mate! There’s only so much sitting about on the sofa you can do. I love ‘Mother Nature’s Song,’ that slide bit towards the end. But listen, I love Squire, man. He’s a [an amazing] guitarist, probably the best of his generation. So I’m into it all.”

Gallagher’s Excitement For The Album’s Reception

The collaboration between Gallagher and Squire has resulted in a self-titled album set to release on March 1, accompanied by a joint tour. The announcement of their partnership sparked significant anticipation among fans, evident from the tour tickets selling out within 30 seconds of release. The singer previously said the following about the record:

“I can’t wait for people to hear the album. I think the people that are into the Stone Roses and Oasis and that kinda thing, I think they’ll f*cking love it. It’s spiritual, it’s crucial. LG x.”

A Preview Of Gallagher And Squire’s Collaboration

In a conversation with Radio X’s Johnny Vaughan, Gallagher revealed that the track ‘Mother Nature’s Song’ from the upcoming album particularly moves him. He described the song as beautiful and emotionally impactful.

Gallagher and Squire have already treated fans to a taste of their collaboration with the release of singles like ‘Just Another Rainbow’ and ‘Mars to Liverpool.’ The singles received positive reception, with ‘Just Another Rainbow’ peaking at number 16 on the UK Singles Chart.