Liam Gallagher Reveals ‘Miserable’ Thing About Noel Gallagher

Liam Gallagher recently criticized how Noel Gallagher didn’t let him participate in the 30th Anniversary celebrations of ‘Definitely Maybe,’ while calling his voice ‘miserable’ on Twitter.

Although things seemed to have improved a bit between the Gallagher brothers, with all the rumors surrounding a possible Oasis reunion, it’s apparent that there might not be much to hope for, especially after a fan asked Liam what he thought about the 30th Anniversary edition of ‘Definitely Maybe,’ and the singer answered by not-so-flatteringly detailing what the album might sound like.

Gallagher on how the latest edition of Oasis’ debut will sound like:

“It’ll be loads of acoustic songs he’s [Noel] just recorded with his miserable voice on trying to palm off as old versions; nothing more to see here, I’m afraid.”

Calling his brother’s voice ‘miserable,’ Liam then disclosed how most of his vocals wouldn’t be featured in the album, although he had successfully recorded his parts only in one or two takes, hinting at why belittled Noel’s vocals while showing off his knack for singing.

The rocker’s reply to a user who remarked fans wanted Liam’s vocals on the anniversary set:

“Listen, I was good and, obviously, got it in 1 or 2 takes, so with that in mind, let’s hear the 2nd take.”

The former frontman then went on to suggest that his brother left his vocals out because he didn’t want him to steal the spotlight off him, so Noel and ‘his cowboys’ had decided not to feature Liam’s takes on the album, and the younger Gallagher had no say in those decisions.

Liam’s answer to whether he’ll be singing on ‘Step Out’ or ‘Sad Song’ follows:

“You know by now; this is the Noel show. Him and his cowboys don’t want me stealing the limelight. I’m ars*d. I sang the original, so we’ll leave it at that.”

After these revelations, another fan asked the rocker whether he really didn’t have a say in the album’s rendition; Gallagher confirmed his claims once again by saying Noel and ‘his cowboys’ took the decisions and left him out of it.

Oasis’ rocker on why he wasn’t involved in the band’s decisions:

“The cowboys do it behind closed doors.”

It’s apparent that a reunion with Noel seems like a distant wish for Liam and, of course, the ever-enthusiastic Oasis fans. Gallagher’s tweets made it clear that the brothers still didn’t get along, as the guitarist didn’t let the frontman take part in what goes into the album’s latest version.