Joey Santiago Admits Pixies’ Breakup Was Relieving

Joey Santiago recently took some time to chat with Goldmine about his musical career. Among the issues discussed, his confession that the Pixies‘ separation was a refreshing experience stood out.

When asked about why they broke up in 1993, the musician described a vivid picture of a creative partnership pushed to its limits. He mentioned how their deteriorating relationship led him to ‘lose it’ and punch a hole in the wall during their final show.

The guitarist started explaining the reason for the hiatus by saying:

“Same thing as with every other band. Eventually, you got sick of it, and we weren’t getting along; we weren’t having fun. But the last album, ‘Trompe le Monde,’ didn’t feel like a swansong album. You know, when you start overdubbing, you do it because that’s the purpose. That’s the best way to really hone in and use technology, right?

We’re not a jazz band, although we can do that. Then it started serving the purpose of ‘I don’t want to see people.’ Before, it was like, okay, I’m gonna do this; it’s cool; we’re crafting a thoughtful guitar part. Then, after a while, it became a case of doing it for privacy.”

His words continued as follows:

“I refused to believe that we weren’t having fun. But after a while, the attitude just got to me. It’s like, ‘Oh my God, we’re really not having fun.’ I remember punching a hole in the wall in Vancouver, and that was our last show ever. Thank God that wall didn’t have a two-by-four in it. You could call it fatigue.

When it broke up, I was relieved. Just because I could get a break. I knew it was going to do that. But it would have served us well to just take a hiatus. But breaking up was the thing we had to do. And it served us well. You know, it made a story out of it. You can’t have a reunion without a breakup, right?”

Fortunately, the band patched things up 20 years ago and is hitting the road again for their US tour from May to September.