Jimmy Fox Says Joe Walsh Considered Taking A Stand At Taylor Hawkins Tribute Show

James Gang drummer Jimmy Fox recently spoke to Ultimate Classic Rock for an interview and revealed that Joe Walsh considered giving an ultimatum during Taylor Hawkins’ tribute show.

Formed in 1966, James Gang recorded their debut album as a power trio featuring Joe Walsh, Jim Fox, and Tom Kriss. Dale Peters joined the band to replace Kriss on the second and third records. In 1971, Joe Walsh embarked on a solo career and joined the Eagles. Although they looked for a replacement for Walsh, it eventually failed. James Gang then split in 1977.

On September 3, 2022, James Gang’s power trio reunited for the first time in 16 years for a performance at the Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert held in Wembley Stadium. The special event in tribute to the late Foo Fighters drummer was all over the internet, TV, and streaming platforms. Besides James Gang, there were many other influential names performing at the show.

Taylor Hawkins was a big fan of James Gang. He was often seen wearing a James Gang t-shirt or a hat during the Foo Fighters gigs. In a recent interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, James Gang drummer Jimmy Fox revealed his thoughts on participating in the tribute show and reuniting with Walsh for this special occasion.

Fox stated that everyone rehearsed on their own for the show and thought of performing 3 or 5 songs. However, they had to play only three songs due to the TV simulcast. According to Fox, Walsh wanted to take a stand against this decision. The band then decided that it wasn’t the place to do this and performed ‘Walk Away,’ ‘Funk #49,’ and ‘The Bomber.’

In the interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, Jimmy Fox said the following about their rehearsal process:

“Everyone started on their own. We weren’t sure how much time we would be allotted. We had to be a bit flexible with the songs we learned. We knew it would be between three and five. The fifth one at that point would have been ‘Funk #49,’ which we would have used as an encore with Dave had it gone that way. But as time approached, it started to look more and more like time was going to be crucial.

As confident as Joe was that we could have the time that we needed, TV took over. All of a sudden, the decisions shifted; from everywhere, they were being made specifically to the TV people. It came back to us, ‘Three songs it is.’ Joe wanted to take a stand and say, ‘No, we’re not doing that.’ We talked about it a lot and decided that’s not the place to make a stand. You know, it’s out of Dave’s control. It’s out of everyone’s control. It’s in the hands of television.”

He then continued:

“So we thought, ‘Well, let’s do the best we can to kick ass at three.’ There wasn’t much question as to which three songs. We were pretty confident. ‘Walk Away’ and ‘Funk #49’ were no-brainers, so where’s your third song? ‘The Bomber’ seemed to be the one.

Once we got to Los Angeles, we arranged five days of rehearsal. We had a full soundstage. We wound up usually rehearsing at noon for four or five hours. We did it every day, and I don’t think we took a day off, but we did start late one day. That was as much rehearsal as it was when we were all kids. It was, let’s get into a room, let’s get face to face, and let’s get right to this. We worked like dogs.”

So, Jimmy Fox revealed that James Gang actually wanted to perform five songs during the tribute show, but they couldn’t do this due to the television simulcast. As it appears, Joe Walsh wanted to protest this decision, but he knew it was out of Dave Grohl’s hands, and he wanted to be respectful.