Les Claypool Names The Only Pink Floyd Member He Met


Primus frontman Les Claypool recently joined Kyle Meredith for an interview during which he revealed the name of the only Pink Floyd member that he crossed paths with previously.

After he decided to become a bass player at the age of 14, Les Claypool began to pursue a career as a musician. Claypool was influenced by many talented musicians, such as Geddy Lee, Paul McCartney, John Paul Jones, and Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters throughout his career.

When he formed Primus in 1984 with guitarist Todd Huth, Claypool also applied these influences over Primus’ music. In 2000, Primus went on a three-year hiatus as Claypool was not happy about the band’s direction. So, the musician found time to focus on his solo music career.

In May 2000, Claypool formed his experimental rock band ‘Les Claypool’s Fearless Flying Frog Brigade.’ He returned to his music roots with this band and began playing songs from Pink Floyd, King Crimson, and the Beatles. Moreover, one of two Frog Brigade live albums included an entire cover of Pink Floyd’s tenth studio album entitled ‘Animals.’

In a recent interview, Kyle Meredith asked Les Claypool whether he had a chance to meet with Pink Floyd as he covered their songs in the past. Claypool then revealed that he has never met any of the Pink Floyd members, but he did meet with Roger Waters before.

During the conversation, Les Claypool said:

“I’ve never met any of them. Well, I’ve met Roger Waters before, but I didn’t know any Floyd people.”

You may watch the full interview below.