Bruce Dickinson Names Who’s In Charge Of Iron Maiden

In the new issue of Metal Hammer, Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson delved into the distinctive experience of collaborating with his longtime guitarist and producer Roy Z, drawing contrasts with the dynamic of working alongside Steve Harris and the rest of the band in Maiden. Highlighting the name that’s in charge of the recording part of the band, he said:

“It’s not that Maiden albums aren’t fun, but we don’t get to play like children. Steve is very specific about stuff: things have to be done this way. It’s the way we’ve always worked and it’s obviously worked very well. Whereas me and Roy, we’re like kids in a sandbox going, ‘Hey, look at this, Zee, I can put this toy up my nose!’ It’s just energising.”

Dickinson Hates The First Iron Maiden Album

EMI released the self-titled debut album of Iron Maiden on April 14, 1980, in the UK, and it hit North American shelves a few months later. Initially, it was distributed by Harvest/Capitol Records in North America, and later by Sanctuary Records/Columbia Records in the US.

The production was supposed to be made by another producer, which they did not end up reaching out to. As a result, the album turned out to be more like a punk record rather than a metal record, which both Harris and Dickinson hated. He explained in another interview:

“Steve Harris wanted Killers producer Martin Birch to make the first record, but they did not talk to him because they did not think he would be interested. Steve always regretted the production of the first album. Ironically, people thought Iron Maiden was punk because the first album sounds like shit. We should never have sounded like a punk band. Steve hated punk. I did not hate punk but, at the same time, it was never a big deal to me.”

Furthermore, in another interview, he disclosed that his favorite album is ‘The Number Of The Beast’ and expressed a desire for their debut album to capture a similar sound. He conveyed that ‘The Number Of The Beast’ resonated with him because it authentically represented the distinctive sound of the band.

You can hear the debut album below.