Dolly Parton Shares Her One Concern About The Song She Buried

Nowadays, Dolly Parton is busy learning how to be a rock star to deserve her Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction. However, it appears there’s something else bothering her: the song she buried in a time capsule. Recently chatting with Kelly Clarkson, Parton admitted having concerns about this mysterious music effort.

Asked whether she has a secret song buried in a time capsule, the Queen of Country said, “Yes, and that has driven me crazy.” Parton explained her concerns, “Yeah, because they bring it up, but because I have written a song that nobody’s going to hear ’til I’m 99 years old. I might be there, or I might not be. It’s when we did Dollywood [and] reworked that, we put it in a time capsule to be opened.”

She continued, revealing the content of this mysterious time capsule, “And I put all the things that had to do with the times: I put a cassette player and CD player. I put stuff all in this box that would preserve how we played those at the time. I put that in the box, but I had to write this song that nobody was going to hear ’til then. I tell you, you have no idea how that has bothered me.”

In early December, Dolly Parton joined the Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon and confirmed the rumors that she has a song buried in her Dollywood. She stated that the piece is ready to be released 23 years later from now. Dolly was sure she’d be around when the time came, but she said she still regrets hiding the song for 2045 as it’s a good music effort.

However, it now looks like Dolly isn’t so sure whether she will be there to see the song getting released. Besides, she said it drives her crazy to keep the song buried for all these years. As it seems, the singer fears that the song rots buried in Dollywood and is regretful of this plan. For now, we have a long time ahead to hope we’ll be around for the release.