David Crosby Explains How Graham Nash Deceived Him To Keep The Money Coming

David Crosby recently talked about his ex-bandmate Graham Nash in an interview with The Guardian and stated that he doesn’t want to talk to him because he deceived Crosby to get more money. 

Before Neil Young joined the band, they were named Crosby, Stills & Nash. They released their first album in 1969, and it was an instant hit. After Young joined the band, they continued their successful career until they broke up in 2015. Graham Nash stated in 2015 that the band will not perform together anymore because of the increasing tensions with Crosby.

In his recent interview, Crosby was told by the interviewer that it was sad to see him in conflict with Nash. However, on the contrary, Crosby didn’t think that it was a sad thing, and it’s not a pity that they are not talking anymore. He stated that Nash was just there for him so that they continue earning money. He also said that they haven’t spoken for a while and that he doesn’t want to talk to him again.

Here is what he said about Nash in his interview:

“He gave the impression of looking after me, but apparently that was all just trying to keep the money coming. But there you go. We haven’t talked for a couple of years and I’m not going to talk to him. I don’t want to talk to him. I’m not happy with him at all. To me, that’s all ancient history, man.”

Not long ago, Crosby had tweeted about his feelings towards his ex-bandmates after encountering Stephen Stills. Even though he stated that he loves Stills and is fine with Neil, he also noted he feels sorry for Nash. According to his recent interview, it doesn’t seem like Crosby and Nash will re-establish their friendship anytime soon.