Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones And The Who’s Common Failure, According To Joe Elliott


In the history of rock music, certain bands carried a legacy and became timeless figures in the scene. These music acts managed to be successful for many years by adapting their music with the genre’s development and not getting far away from their unique sound.

These iconic bands include the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Who, and Def Leppard. Despite being formed many years ago, they are still thriving and eager to rock and roll. However, Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott believes they have a failure in common.

Joe Elliott Exposed The Asset These Bands Didn’t Have


On March 25, 2014, Joe Elliott gave an interview to the Hollywood Reporter and revealed lesser-known things about himself. He stated he listens to Tom Waits while showering and is an avid fan of David Bowie. After that, the reporter asked whether there were other artists he admired other than Waits and Bowie who reinvented themselves.

Joe Elliott stated that reinvention doesn’t work for bands; it only works for solo musicians. He admitted Def Leppard, the Who, Led Zeppelin, and The Rolling Stones failed at reinvention. Elliott then mentioned Rolling Stones’ ‘Doom And Gloom’ and said they wrote it because their fans wanted another ‘Start Me Up.’

Following that, Elliott said Bowie was a king when thinking about reinvention because he went from a singer to an alien rock star and reinvented himself many times through his career, even playing drum and bass. According to the musician, reinvention is impossible for a band because one cannot get all members on the same page.

In the interview, the Hollywood Reporter asked Joe Elliott the following:

“Are there artists other than Tom Waits and Bowie who’ve reinvented themselves that you admire?”

In his response, Elliott said:

“Reinvention doesn’t work if you’re a band. It only works for solo artists. We failed, the Who failed, Zeppelin failed, and the Stones failed. I don’t care what you say. Most Stones fans are going, ‘Just f*cking write another ‘Start Me Up.” And they did with ‘Doom and Gloom,’ one of the best songs they’ve ever done.

But for reinvention, Bowie is the absolute king. He went from an English vaudeville singer to an alien rock star to a white soul singer to a Berlin-based Nu meets Kraftwerk guy. He’s been everywhere; he even did drum and bass, for god’s sake.”

He then continued:

“But reinvention as a band is impossible because you’ve got to get four or five members all on the same page, and the reason they got together in the first place is that the original sound they made is what appealed to them.”

So, Joe Elliott thinks reinvention is impossible for a band, even for the legends like Def Leppard, The Who, Led Zeppelin, and The Rolling Stones. Moreover, he believes the main reason for that is all of the band members cannot agree on one thing, and they are together because they liked their original sound in the first place.