Joe Perry And Johnny Depp’s Equipment Get Stuck At Border, They Use Rentals

Hollywood Vampires recently shared a post about their performance with rented equipment via Instagram.

Right before their performance at Hellfest, Joe Perry and Johnny Depp had to rent equipment due to their truck getting stuck at the border. The description of the post said:

“Last night we rocked Hellfest 2023 on 100% borrowed and rented equipment! It was a last minute scramble for our team. Our trucks got stuck at the Serbia border and couldn’t make it to Hellfest in time. But as they say ‘The show must go on’ and the Vampires will always rise!”

The band was successfully able to perform with the rented equipment and is now on the road for their next show.

Hollywood Vampires started their most recent tour with their first show being in Romania on June 8, which will end in Poland on July 22. You can see the dates here, and the Instagram post here.